Monday, October 1, 2012

Yeah, I'd See This

So, The Dark Knight Rises is still picking up a few dollars at the theater here and there, but its box-office story--at least monetarily--has been told. Domestically, it's earned north of $444 million, which makes it the second biggest movie of the year (behind Marvel's The Avengers, of course), and it now ranks seventh on the all-time earnings list. Of course, that's a misleading stat if ever there was one, considering inflation and all. According to Box Office Mojo's inflation-adjusted figures, Rises ranks 77th, about $1.2 billion behind Gone With the Wind.

From what I hear from my publishers, my book did not do quite that well.

But be that as it may, you cannot stop either Batman or I from bestowing our own curious, somewhat twisted views on ethical behavior onto an unsuspecting world--and it would seem that others are catching onto the spiritual power of our favorite caped-and-cowled superhero. Why, take a look at the following trailer--Christopher Nolan's next powerhouse project, no doubt.  

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